Measure satisfaction of your participants, greener, faster and cheaper.

Flexible Question Options

Majority type of question (Single choice, multiple choices, open-text, etc.) can be used to get feedback from your audience.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Allow participants to conveniently complete the survey in any device. Seamlessly supports desktop, mobile and tablets. 

Customize Survey Length

Customize your survey length that suits your need. Gather constructive responses from participants on particular session or their overall event experience.

More Survey Features

Custom Interface

Add your logo, a background image and change all the colors.

Event Dashboard

All-in-one control panel for you to manage and browse what goes on screen and audience interface.

Ready-made Templates

Save time with existing templates to create events quickly.

Test Mode

Experiment, rehearse and adjust ahead of time.

Identity & Security

Data is always encrypted. Only authorized accounts can view your event data.

Email & Phone Support

Talk to our expert and let us help you with any difficulty encountered.

Event Insights & Report

Discover valuable insights into your viewership at read-to-print report format.


Easily integrate our platform in your website through iframe.

Manpower Support

Professional Event Management and Videography Crew dedicated for your live event.

*For Enterprise Plan Only

Professional Equipments

Support high level of live video streaming requirement with professional equipments.

*For Enterprise Plan Only